Deepening Compassion 4 - Skillful Dragon: Lojong and Compassionate Engagement

January 3rd—March 6th

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Room: BSMC

Six nonconsecutive Wednesday nights beginning January 3 (January 3, January 10, January 17, February 14, February 21, March 6) 

We have been offering this four-part course on the path of the Bodhisattva Warrior, with talks from senior teachers, accompanied by contemplative and meditation practices, from the Buddhist Mahayana teachings of our lineage.  This fourth and last section of the course will explore the teachings on the Lojong, Atisha’s famous mind-training slogans.  The slogans invite us to utilize the difficulties and problems we encounter to deepen our path. Rather than seeing the unwanted aspects of life as obstacles, they can be viewed as the raw material necessary for awakening genuine uncontrived compassion, for ourselves and others.

Skillful Dragon: Lojong and Compassionate Engagement

with Gaylon Ferguson, John Rockwell, Holly Gayley, Fleet Maull, Susan Skjei, and Susan Chapman

The six class topics and teachers are:

  • Lojong & the Four Reminders with Acharya Gaylon Ferguson
  • The Absolute Slogans with John Rockwell
  • The Relative Slogans: Part 1 with Holly Gayley
  • The Relative Slogans: Part 2 with Acharya Fleet Maull
  • Bodhicitta in Everyday Life with Susan Skjei
  • Summary of the Course with Susan Chapman


The course will be hybrid, and will consist of viewing the talks followed by our own discussion of the material and the experience of the readings and contemplations. 

The Zoom link will be provided to registrants prior to the course.


Generosity Policy applies:  The Birmingham Shambhala Center does not wish restricted finances ever to interfere with one’s ability to receive the teachings. 

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