Young Adult Group

One aspect of entering adulthood is dealing with a degree of unsettledness, uncertainty, apprehension, worry, and, in our modern world, speed. The Young Adult Group (20s and 30s) is intended to create a space where young adults can practice contentment and wisdom in dealing with life’s vicissitudes. Therefore, the purpose of this group is to help each other relax into reality through practicing awareness and gentleness by drawing on the practices of various wisdom traditions and celebration. Our aspiration is to cultivate a vibrant, intelligent, and heartfelt group (sangha) of young adults who are satisfied with life and hold the purpose of creating a sane society.

We meet Tuesday evenings and begin with tea at 6:45 pm.

Mindfulness meditation (instruction available) from 7:00 – 8:00 pm is next, followed by social meditation or a planned activity which may include various contemplative practices, movies, mindful eating and drinking, book groups, and discussions usually lasting until 9pm.

For questions and details: Kyle Strickland      [email protected]