Care Team

The Care Team Model

As Shambhalian Buddhists and Buddhist thinkers, we try to treat every moment as its own phenomenon without a conditioned response; to fully appreciate that moment; to treat it with curiosity; and to experience it guided by the Dignities of Tiger, Lion, Garuda, and Dragon.

As humans, we encounter moments that can engulf us.  All of us have experienced times when moments blur and are charged with such emotion that appreciation, curiosity, and the qualities of the Dignities are seemingly distant or even absent.

And again as Shambhalian Buddhists and Buddhist thinkers, we understand the concepts of empathy, loving-kindness, and compassion.

And again as humans, we can help others.

In this spirit, everyone is invited to join an incredible model melding teamwork and care.

It is called the Care Team.

It is a volunteer group of individuals working as a team and available for our Sangha. The model is based on concepts that create a “no guilt-no burnout” environment that allows for the more physical needs rather than spiritual needs of Sangha members.

For more information about the model please contact:

Tonya Veitch
Care Team Leader
[email protected]