The Birmingham Shambhala Center is open for almost all meditation sessions and meetings!  Our leadership will continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation and make adjustments as appropriate for everyone’s wellbeing.  Even events which are in the Center will have a Zoom component (hybrid).

The Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night meditation sessions begin at 7 pm and finish at 8 pm.  Thursday Compassion Practice follows meditation.  Wednesday Morning meditation is from 7:00 to 8:00 am.  As before we closed, newcomers will be offered abbreviated meditation instruction on Monday and Thursday.

If this is your first visit, please arrive at the Center or log in on Zoom five minutes early so we can introduce ourselves and provide some orientation.

The Zoom links for our recurring meditation and practice sessions are:

The following activities are cancelled until further notice:

  • Sunday Unplugged


In the Center, the COVID guidelines we will be following are:

  • Masks will be required.  People can use single or double masks.
  • Cushions will be spaced.  Consequently, not as many people can participate, but we don’t expect large crowds at first and will adjust procedures as needed.
  • Ventilation will be enhanced: windows open, HVAC fan circulating constantly with new filters.
  • Hand sanitizer will be freely available.
  • Thorough cleaning of the center will take place weekly; touch up cleaning will be done as needed.
  • Participants will declare they have no COVID-19 symptoms or recent exposure.
  • Vaccination is highly desirable but not required.

May all beings be well!


Getting Started with Meditation?

Meditation GongThe Birmingham Shambhala Center offers several supports for helping someone begin or reestablish a meditation practice. A simple way to begin is to attend any of our weeknight sitting meditation sessions. More →

New to Shambhala?

Shambhala is an international community of urban meditation and rural retreat centers founded by the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, continued by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and now led by senior teachers and an Interim Board.

Ongoing Offerings

Shrine roomBSMC offers a rich array of weekly ongoing offerings free to the public. No prior meditation experience required to attend. Most programs offer meditation instruction upon request. All are welcome. More →


MembershipBecoming a member of BSMC is a statement about your personal inspiration, curiosity, and commitment to the path of awakening. Shambhala operates entirely through the care and contributions of its members. We depend upon More →

Featured Programs and Events (More >>)

Full Moon Shambhala Sadhana Practice - HYBRID

November 28th—July 16th (2022)

The Shambhala Sadhana is celebrated and practiced on or around the full moon as opportunities for us to meet, practice together, and have conversation around themes of basic goodness and wholesome society.  More instruction is now being included. Continue »

End-of-Year Mini-Retreat Hosted by the Shambhala Center Blanketeers

December 27th—December 28th

An in-house mini-retreat hosted by the Blanketeers Continue »

Southeast Regional Shambhala Weekend Retreat Level I - The Art of Being Human Held Online

with Shastri Will Ryken

January 8th—January 9th (2022)

OPEN TO ALL! This is the first in a sequence of Shambhala Weekend Retreats suitable for anyone interested in exploring meditation as a means to develop fearlessness, confidence, openness, and gentleness toward ourselves and our world. Continue »

Basic Goodness I - Who Am I? (Hybrid)

with Shastri Janet Bronstein

January 12th—February 16th (2022)

This course asks the question, “Who am I?” and explores the sense of self. from the Buddhist and Shambhala perspectives. Continue »

Winter Retreat (Hybrid)

February 20th—March 1st (2022)

The annual Winter Retreat is a time of preparation for the Tibetan New Year which begins on Shambhala Day, March 3, the Year of the Water Tiger. Continue »

Learn to Meditate

March 26th (2022)

In this introductory class you will receive the technique, guidance and experience necessary to start a mindfulness-awareness or "peaceful abiding" meditation practice. Continue »