What We Offer

The Path of Practice and Study

The path begins and continues with meditation. Students are introduced to Buddhist and Shambhala teachings in the context of an ongoing meditation practice. 

For a full description of the Shambhala Buddhist path, click here to visit shambhala.org.

Contemplative Arts

Along with sitting meditation practice and classes, BSMC occasionally offers programs in contemplative arts, including Shambhala Art, Miksang photography, and ikebana flower arranging.

For a full description of the Shambhala Contemplative Arts, click here

Warriorship is a path of bravery, gentleness, and genuineness. At the heart of the Shambhala warrior tradition is the view that a brilliant life is accessible to everyone. Contemplative practices bring a natural sense of goodness, fearlessness, and humor into our ordinary lives.
-Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche