Library and Book Store


We have a growing collection of books, video tapes, CD’s and DVD’s that may be borrowed from our library located at the Center.


Books are listed alphabetically by Author. The Books are arranged on the shelves according to the first two letters of the author’s or editor’s name.

When you find the book you want, take the book card out of the pocket on the inside back cover of the book, fill out your information, then put the book card in the red file box according to the author’s name.

When returning the book, take the book card out of the file box. fill out the return info, replace the card in the back pocket of the book and return the book to the shelf in its alphabetical place.

Electronic Media

Electronic media are grouped by media type (audiotape, videotape. CD or DVD) and, when necessary, in subgroups according to the way they are packaged (e.g., singly or in multi-tape boxes). Audiotapes and CD’s are arranged alphabetically by “author” or narrator, while videotapes and DVD’s are arranged alphabetically by title.

To check out an electronic item, simply sign it out in the “Check-out List.”

When returning the item, enter the return date on the check-out list. Alternatively, if the item has a pocket with a card in it, use the same procedure described for checking out books.


We stock a limited number of popular Shambhala books for sale at the listed retail price. Simply select the book you want, put your payment in the form of check or cash in the payment box on the bookstore shelf. Proceeds are recycled to buy more books.


The BSMC Librarian is Sara Vollmer.