First (Second!) Monday Dharma Talk: Is Remembering the Past Constraining or Liberating?

with Shastri Janet Bronstein

December 10th (2018)

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    Room: BSMC

    The Buddhist teachings represent the collected insights and observations of meditators around the world and across the centuries. The Shambhala teachings represent the experiences of individuals who have participated in societies based on kindness, non-aggression, and appreciation of the natural world.  These monthly talks will explore what we can learn from these two intertwined wisdom traditions that can support our own lives and meditation practices.

    The December dharma talk is Is Remembering the Past Constraining or Liberating?

    William Faulkner memorably wrote “The past is never dead.  It isn’t even past.” It does seem that we are surrounded by artifacts of history, and we continue to erect monuments to positive and negative events that occurred in history.  Is this a mistake?  Does memorializing the past keep us stuck in it, and would we be better off taking a fresh start, forgetting the past and moving forward?  Or does forgetting the past condemn us to repeat it, as Spanish philosopher George Santayana proclaimed?  This talk will explore the teachings of karma in the Buddhist tradition as it relates both to remembering and examining the past, which are the causes and conditions that bring us to the state we are in today, and the future, which holds the potential for free choice that becomes more clear to us when we understand our karmically conditioned constraints.


    Meditation practice 7:00-7:25 (instruction available)

    Dharma talk and discussion 7:35-8:30


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