Wisdom in Everyday Life

with Shastri Janet Bronstein & Marion Buckley

October 7th—October 21st

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Room: BSMC
Our "In Everyday Life" series has brought the qualities of the first three dignities of Shambhala (Tiger - contentment, Lion - discipline and joy, Garuda - fearlessness) into our daily life, and highlighted aspects of the Buddhist teachings - the four noble truths, bodhichitta and compassion, emptiness that relate to them.  This final class, Wisdom in Everyday Life, brings the inscrutable quality of the Dragon into our experience.  Wisdom is what we experience when we let go of self consciousness and self-protective habits. It is the genuineness that we click in to when we trust ourselves. 
We are offering the class in a condensed format of two Saturdays rather than the typical five Wednesday nights.  In the first session (October 7), we will work with ways to recognize and become more confident in our own wisdom.  In the second session (October 21), we will explore the notion that wisdom can see wisdom -- how being confident in our own wisdom gives us access to the wisdom of the phenomenal world.   We will also play with tapping the qualities of all of the dignities to enhance our ability to act with wisdom in our every day lives. 

Prerequisite: Fearlessness in Everyday Life

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