Graduate / Educator Sessions: Going Deeper into the Shambhala Dharma of the JIEL Class

July 1st—September 9th

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    Room: BSMC

    This Spring and Summer, BSMC is offering slightly expanded versions of Contentment in Everyday Life and Joy in Everyday Life, which we are calling Contentment of Tiger and Joy of Lion.  These will meet every other Wednesday evening. 

    To accompany these classes, we are offering students who have completed CIEL and JIEL and Shambhala Training Levels 1-5 an opportunity in the intervening six weeks to join together for a deeper exploration of this material  The purpose of our discussion would be two-fold: (1) to get the kind of in-depth view of the dharma that you only get when you challenge yourself to think about expressing it, and (2) to support the volunteers who are going to help lead the Contentment of Tiger and Joy of Lion classes with new participants the following week.

    If you are interested in this series of classes on the expanded Joy in Everyday Life, please register below so you can receive the study materials in advance.  An optional donation ($10 or $20 suggested, but whatever you are inspired to give) can be made for each class through our Donations page, specifying that it's for the Deeper Dive class.