Shrine Room Painting Party

September 26th—September 27th (2018)

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    Room: BSMC

    Can you help?

    We are spiffing up the Center in preparation for Acharya Fleet Maull’s visit October 11-14 and have noticed that the main shrine room needs repainting – it hasn’t been painted since it was expanded and renovated in 2010!

    With enough volunteers, we can easily complete this project in two days at most!  Because of the need to work around the Center’s schedule of activities, we are choosing Wednesday, September 26, and Thursday, September 27, to work. 

    Help is needed with the following tasks (timing will depend on number of helpers):

    • First thing (about 8 am) Wednesday: preparing the room: moving cushions to the closet, taking down banners, moving furniture (except the shrine), removing outlet plates, taping baseboards and edges of ceilings and edges of shrine backing
    • Next: painting around the edges of the wall surfaces with brushed or small rollers
    • Then: painting the main surfaces of the walls with rollers
    • Finally (probably Thursday): removing tape, replacing outlet plates, furniture and cushions

    We have the paint, rollers, two trim brushes, and one ladder.  We need drop cloths, roller handles and extension rods, additional trim brushes, another ladder or two, and people!

    We plan to have lunch brought in on Wednesday, and on Thursday if needed.

    To volunteer your time and energy, bring supplies, or to ask questions, contact Marion Buckley.