Harvest of Peace Celebration

September 23rd (2018)

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    Room: BSMC
    We'll enjoy time together with food and conversation. It will be a time for the leadership to speak about the opportunities within the Center and what the Center is doing for you and for the community. 

    We will have a simple fundraising campaign for our Center. In the past, a portion of the Center's income would be offered to Shambhala International. Because of the sexual misconduct and financial concerns, a few people have requested their donations NOT to be sent to Shambhala International. We are honoring that and you can choose to have your entire donation stay in Birmingham or offer a portion to the international organization.

    And Shambhala celebrations would not be complete without food!
    We will cater meats for a taco bar!
    Please bring sides and seasonings for tacos!
    (Toppings, salsa, rice, beans, etc.) 
    Please bring drinks (no alcohol.)
    No need to bring dessert... we're getting authentic popsicles from La Sabrosita!

    For entertainment... Nick will lead us in Bingo and Trivia streaming games.