Buddha Day at Avondale Park!

with Phyllis Mark

May 4th -Date postponed or cancelled

Date details +
    Room: BSMC

    What: Join us for our Annual celebration of our Center children, spend an afternoon outdoors, and have some fun, food and play inspired by the Buddha’s emphasis on kindness and mutual appreciation.

    Where: Avondale Park. Look for us somewhere behind the library, near the art show.

    We will celebrate the kindness that Buddha taught by giving away lemonade to art show visitors and artists.

    What to Bring: Kids can bring some outdoor games to share with other kids. Everyone who attends should bring a blanket, snacks for themselves and to share with others if they would like.
    It will be a picnic and chance to celebrate the Buddha by being awake to the day, the art show, each other, and being generous by offering refreshments.

    For more information contact: Phyllis Mark