Peace Within, Sanity Without: the Practice of Meditation

with Acharya Emily Bower

April 26th—April 28th (2013)

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What is the role of humanity on this planet? How can we find relief from self-doubt and internal warfare, and at the same time help the world we live in? The Shambhala approach, rooted in traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice and philosophy, teaches us that humans are fundamentally good, kind, wise and strong. Beyond that, this approach teaches that this essential, unconditional goodness constitutes the true nature of human society. However, even though we belong in this world and are part of the natural flow of life and of the seasons, we often lose touch with the goodness that pervades both ourselves and society.

Meditation guides us to see and feel our basic nature of goodness, and to make friends with ourselves—even the parts we don’t like very much. From that basis of friendship, we are able to rouse ourselves and contribute to creating a society rooted in a sense of goodness. In this weekend program, we’ll explore how the path of meditation could actually change the way we live and have an impact on the larger world around us. We will study and discuss the radical notion that enlightened society is possible, and the Shambhala view that creating such a society is the role of humanity on earth.  The program includes guided meditation, periods of meditation practice, talks, discussion and interactive exercises.


Acharya Emily Bower started practicing in the Shambhala community in 1987, in Berkeley, CA. She began studying with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche when he came to teach in Berkeley in 1991. She served as his editor for various projects, including his first book, Turning the Mind into an Ally. She has studied kyudo with Kanjuro Shibata Sensei and is a lifelong member of the Dorje Kasung. In 1991, she joined the staff of Karme Chöling, where she lived for three years, working on publicity and marketing. She has been a professional editor since 1987 and has most recently worked full-time as an acquiring editor for Shambhala Publications in Boston. Now, in addition to traveling and teaching in the Shambhala mandala, she continues to work as a book editor and publishing consultant. She has recently moved to Los Angeles.