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The Birmingham Shambhala Center is growing!  In 2010, we took the short-term step of expanding our shrine room space and renovating the entryway and hall.  Our long term aspiration is to own or build a space of our own which will have a more visible and accessible space with room for larger program audiences, simultaneous activities, possibly an integrated kitchen, and especially the children’s programs.

Before we can take the long-term step of buying or building, however, we need to have firm grounding in a base of teachers, leaders, and members, and especially to have enough money saved to minimize any debt we would need to take on.  In 2010, we established a Building Fund account, which has been fed by two fund raising projects:  an Asian Art Auction in 2010, a smaller auction of Buddha statues in 2012 and the Dana Fair in 2013.

We know that people like to have some concrete goal for contributions, such as “buy a brick” or “we need $1000 for a garden.”  At this point we are only asking for contributions to this general Building Fund which will be kept in savings until we are ready to bring the building project back to the sangha for specific planning.

Please be as generous as you can to invest in this part of our future!

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