Learn to Meditate Classes

In this introductory class you will receive the technique, guidance and experience necessary to start a mindfulness-awareness or “peaceful abiding” meditation practice. Your teacher will give you detailed instruction and guided meditation so that you have the tools for a daily practice.

We will practice together and have time for discussion and questions. Ideal for beginners or students wanting to refresh their meditation technique.

Fee is $25 or whatever you can pay.



Basic Goodness I - Who Am I?

with Shastri Janet Bronstein

September 30th—November 4th

This course asks the question, “Who am I?” and explores the sense of self. It includes teachings on basic goodness, selflessness, the arising of ego and cocoon, buddha-nature, and the confidence of warriorship. Continue »

First Monday Dharma Talk

October 5th—December 7th

The first Sunday of each month, we offer a half-hour of meditation followed by a dharma (Buddhist and Shambhala teachings) talk and discussion. Continue »

Protector Practice & the Dorje Kasung: A Public Program

with Will Ryken

October 22nd

Presenting techniques for finding confidence, gentleness, and skillfulness when encountering our own and other’s aggression, drawn from Shambhala Buddhism and the Dorje Kasung – a service organization that provides nonviolent security and crisis Continue »

Monthly Kasung Gathering

October 31st

Come join the talk, discussion, and activities exploring the path of Kasungship. Continue »