Local Leaders


Marion Buckley, Center Director

Janet Bronstein, Director of Practice and Education

Mary Whetsell, Treasurer

Loraine Beyer, Council Scribe, Head Program Coordinator

Phyllis Mark, Coordinator of Children and Families Programs, Rusung

Advisory Groups

Practice and Education Advisory Group

Janet Bronstein, Coordinator

Nancy Blanton

Andy Brown

Marion Buckley

Chuck Whetsell

Kevin Winters

Arts and Culture Advisory Group

Marion Buckley, Coordinator

Brian Dunagan

Pat Dunlap

Cathy Lollar

Tonya Veitch

Joel Watson

Membership and Volunteers Advisory Group

Marion Buckley, Coordinator pro tem

Loraine Beyer

Nancy Blanton

Amy Feltman

Becky Wadley

Mary Whetsell

Communications Team

Lisa Drenning

Vicki Clemmer

Website Support Team

Pat Dunlap, Webmaster

Andrew Brasher

Adrianne Hogan

Vikki Willis