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Children’s Programs

The Birmingham Shambhala Meditation Center offers a monthly program for children to help them bring the power of meditation practice into their lives.

Little Buddhas – Ages 3 to 6– SaturdChildren's Programay of every second weekend from 10 to 11:30 am

Young Warriors – Ages 7 to 10 – Sunday of every second weekend from 1:30 to 3 pm

Group sessions introduce children to resting their minds, and noticing their senses and feelings. Children also learn age-appropriate versions of Buddhist teachings. Programs include play, storytelling, group discussion, movement, crafts and meditation instruction.

Parents are asked to remain at the Center during the program.

Call Phyllis Mark at 587-3710 to confirm dates and get more information.  Dates and location may occasionally be different from what is described here.

 Mindful Parenting Group

Sunday of every third weekend from 1 to 3 pm

How can parents learn about Buddhist dharma (teachings), Shambhala vision, and the tool of meditation in the midst of our busy lives on the parenting path? By attending our monthly Mindful Parenting Group! Join in on the chance to exchange experiences, give each other support and learn more about the enriching and gentle Buddhist view of this powerful opportunity called parenting. CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED.

Call Phyllis Mark at 587-3710 to confirm dates.

Children’s Program Team

Phyllis Mark, Coordinator
Tonya Veitch
Larry McMillan
Kate Smith